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Intro to Rag & Bone


Intro to Rag & Bone


Oliver is a London-born and New York-based award-winning writer-director who has been directing digital content since 2008.

He has a true passion for storytelling through both fiction and factual, fashion and documentary, lens. 

His fashion work has taken him around the world, shooting for global giants including Tommy Hilfiger, Armani, Nike and British GQ, whilst his fiction work is now garnering attention in Hollywood.

He partners with various production companies in New York and Europe to deliver full-production capacity.

Writer-Director with an obsession for humankind and her folies.



Oliver's multi-award-winning short fiction film, Cusp, [currently airing on the ShortsHD cable channel] is being developed into a TV Pilot with Executive Producer John Melfi (Sex & The City, House of Cards, Vinyl).


My other TV pilot scripts include THE TIME TRAVELLER, a dark psychological time travel anthology series and AUDREY & THE HIP FLASK a road-trip comedy drama that charts the journey of a fledgling electro-pop band abandoned by their eponymous leader mid-tour in the Deep South.

My latest feature script, BOY IN A BATHTUB, is provocative tale about a vivacious Beauty photographer who falls in love with a recluse with a skin disease that keeps him confined to his bathtub twenty hours a day.

My previous feature scripts include multi-competition finalist THAT’S ME TRYING, a dark family comedy drama set in rural Italy, and THE UGLY BROTHERS, based on the outlandish true story of two beautiful men in Western Australia.


Interviews with the Cool Kids of NYC for DSECTION magazine - shot on gloriously grubby VHS, and endlessly inspiring for my tales of youth.


Innovative exhibition launch film for Past Perfect, Future Present at Christie’s London - telling the story of the exhibition through dance.


Smoke-bombs, abandoned factory and high-fashion - launching Armani's summer collection.


Oliver created a series of social videos and longer Q&As for British GQ's editorials for Burberry (Presley Gerber) and Tommy Hilfiger (The Chainsmokers), mixing HD and VHS footage, capturing authentic and affectionate celebrity moments.

US: +1 (917) 705-1189 // International: +44 (7740) 353 131 // oliver@oliverwarren.co.uk