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Oliver is a London-born and New York-based award-winning writer-director who has been obsessed with fiction from an early age.  

Driven to write and direct screen fiction, Oliver has a growing catalogue of screenplays for TV & Film, and is now beginning to realize them on screen.

Writer-Director with an obsession for humankind and her folies.



Currently, I have five completed pilots scripts ready to share with producers and agents - with the next one well under way.

CUSP, an alternative family drama, about an awkward teenager from Ohio who comes to New York in search of his estranged father, only to turn upside-down the life of the high-flying gay couple he finds when he gets there.  

My other pilots include THE TIME TRAVELLER, a dark psychological time travel anthology series and AUDREY & THE HIP FLASK a road-trip comedy drama that charts the journey of a fledgling electro-pop band abandoned by their eponymous leader mid-tour in the Deep South.

Please contact me if you’re interested in considering any of the above.


My latest feature script, BOY IN A BATHTUB, is provocative tale about a vivacious Beauty photographer who falls in love with a recluse with a skin disease that keeps him confined to his bathtub twenty hours a day.

My previous scripts include THAT’S ME TRYING, a dark family comedy drama set in rural Italy, and THE UGLY BROTHERS, based on the outlandish true story of two beautiful men in Western Australia.

Please contact me if you’re interested in considering any of the above.



I have a collection of short scripts for film and radio; these include award-winning short film CUSP, the original inspiration for my TV pilot script of the same name, and my brand new radio play MIXED GENDER DORM produced and released by Little Wonders in Paris. 2019 will also see the recording and release of the two-part sci-fi play THE ANSWER TO EVERYTHING.

I have also begun development on a Web-Series to debut Fall 2019.

Please reach out if you’d like to find out more about my short scripts available to produce.

US: +1 (917) 705-1189 // International: +44 (7740) 353 131 // oliver@oliverwarren.co.uk